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The smaller layout has been used many times to create a baby quilt. It has been made in pastels, primary colors...both flannel and cotton. This design finishes to 44"x44" which is a nice size for laying on the floor for a baby to play on, or inside of a playpen. It is also a good size if you need to wrap a baby in something warm to take them outside on a cold day. I have cut, sewn and quilted this design in a single day.

The larger layout makes a quilt that is 68"x84", which is a good size for a twin size bed or for a couch throw for someone who has a habit of falling asleep on the couch.

Both designs are created with five different fabrics. I tend to use one light print, one dark print and three medium values. The easiest way I have found to pick my fabrics is to find a print the you really like and then match the other fabrics from colors in the print. The larger design also needs a sixth fabric for the border. I usually use one of the fabrics used in the quilt for the binding. If I'm creating a baby quilt, the backing is almost always a flannel print (do remember these MUST be washed first).

Click here to see a larger version of the layouts.

Fabric Requirements

Fabric Small Large
Blocks (5 fabrics) 1/2 yd. each 1-1/4 yd. each
1-1/8 yd.
Binding 3/8 yd. 1/2 yd.

Cutting Instructions
Note: If there is more than 1 instruction in a "box"...cut the first fabric and then cut the rest from that fabric
(ie...cut 2" strip, then cut 12 2" squares from that strip)

Small Quilt Design
Quilt Part Instruction
Blocks - Center Fabric - Cut 3 strips 4-1/2" wide
- Cut 25 4-1/2" squares
Blocks - other 4 fabrics - Cut 3 strips 4-1/2" wide
- Cut 24 4-1/2" squares
Binding - Cut 5 strips 2" wide

Large Quilt Design
Quilt Part Instruction
Blocks - Center Fabric - Cut 9 strips 4-1/2" wide
- Cut 61 4-1/2" squares
Blocks - fabrics 2 + 3 - Cut 9 strips 4-1/2" wide
- Cut 56 4-1/2" squares
Blocks - fabrics 4 + 5 - Cut 9 strips 4-1/2" wide
- Cut 58 4-1/2" squares
Border - Cut 8 strips 4-1/2" wide
Binding - Cut 8 strips 2" wide

Sewing Instructions - Main

  1. Print out or draw your quilt design. Either across the top, or down the side, mark row numbers until you get to the center row and then reverse the numbers to the other edge of the quilt. You have 2 of each row except the center one.
  2. Layout your squares so that each fabric is in a stack and are within easy reach.
  3. Pressing: you will press all odd numbered rows in one direction and even numbered rows in the opposite direction. I press after all rows are sewn. To keep track of which way the seams should be pressed, I pin the top seam in each row in the direction that I need to press so that Idon't have to go back and figure it out.
  4. Start at row#1 and sew 2 of each row, following the color placement on the picture from step#1.
  5. Press all your seams in the proper direction.
  6. Start with row#1 at one edge and join rows together, ending with the center row. Press all seams toward row#1.

    Note: I find that sometimes this works better if I pin the seams as they touch each other as sometimes you have to "coax" the squares to match if they are not the exact same size.

  7. Starting with the next row after the center row, join the rest of the rows in order, ending with row#1. Press all seams toward row#1.
  8. Join sections together, pressing seam toward section from step#7.

Sewing Instructions - Border for Large Quilt

  1. Sew together 2 strips to create a longer border strip...create one for each side.
  2. Measure across the center of the quilt...the smallest way... and cut 2 of the joined strips to that size.
  3. Attach a square of your center fabric to either end of the strips from step#2. Press seams toward border fabric.
  4. Attach a border strip to the longer sides of the quilt. Press seams toward border.
  5. Attach borders from step#3 to final 2 sides of quilt. Press seams toward border.

I hope these instructions are clear. Sometimes what I see in my head doesn't always translate well into written instructions. Please email me if you have any questions about the directions.

This is one of the easiest designs to enlarge, or make smaller. Just decide how large you want the quilt and follow the basic color layout...start with a single block in the center and make "rounds" as you move to the edges. You can also use as few as three fabrics, or as many as you want...your imagination is your only limitation.

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