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Yankee Puzzle
Yankee Puzzle

This BOM is a request from a quilter who is living in Japan. She is a new quilter and asked if I could do the directions for this block. It appealed to me as we have been doing very basic blocks for the past few we are going to stretch our skills. From a different quilter came a request to do that is the theme color for the month. There are 3 fabrics: dark purple, medium purple and a light background. You may use a white, WOW or a purple print that is primarily white for the background. We will be making this one 12" finished.

NOTE: I will be giving the half-square triangles a bit larger cut as I have heard from some folks that they are having the same trouble I have getting them the exact right size...then have you square them up. If you can do this unit cutting as recommended...and I envy you if you can...subtract 1/8" from cutting size.

Posted: April 1998

Sample Quilt Layouts

You need to cut as follows:

  1. Background: cut 8 3-1/2" squares; cut 4 4" squares
  2. Medium: cut 2 4" squares
  3. Dark: cut 4 3-1/2"x6-1/2" rectangles; cut 2 4" squares

Sewing Instructions:

  1. Draw diagonal line on wrong side of all light squares.
  2. Match right sides of squares from step#1 to right sides of same size medium + dark squares; stitch 1/4" on either side of diagonal mark; cut apart on diagonal mark; press seams toward medium/dark fabric.
  3. Square up half-square triangles to 3-1/2"
  4. Matching wrong sides together, stitch a 3-1/2" light square to one end of the dark rectangles; trim 1/4" outside stitching; press seams toward light corner. Repeat with other end of rectangle.
  5. Stitch a medium half-square triangle to a dark half-square triangle following graphic below for placement; press seam toward light fabric of dark half-square triangle.
  6. Join unit from step#4 to unit from step#5 as shown; press seams toward dark fabric.
  7. Using graphics as a guide, join two units together...stopping seam 1/4" from center of block...backstitch to keep seam from coming undone; press seam toward dark half-square triangle side.
  8. Stitch final 2 sections together by stitching one side to the middle of the seam...DO NOT catch in pressed seam at center. Turn sections over and repeat.
    NOTE: there are 8 seams merging in the center...creates too much bulk to keep stitching down so doing it this way will allow the seams to be "swirled" when pressed to eliminate the bulk.
  9. IMPORTANT: Please square up your finished block to be sure it is 12-1/2". If it is larger or smaller, check your seams and redo if necessary. If you do not check your measurements, your block may not join properly with other blocks easily to create a finished quilt.

This is what your block might look like.

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