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Snowball Block
Snowball Block

This is another very basic unit. There are many ways to do this unit: you can do it "open" as these instructions show, "closed" to create a square-in-square, or with only some of the corners. It can also be created in different ways...this is just the basic way if you have nothing but a regular ruler and you only need one. You will need 2 fabrics: something interesting for the center and a contrast/complement for the corners. I like to use this unit with a funky, large teddy bears or kitty cats...with a complement for the corners. We will be making this one 6" finished.

Posted: March 2001

Sample Quilt Layouts

Cut as follows:
Fabric Cutting Information
Center Fabric Cut 1 6-1/2" square
Corners Cut 4 2-1/2" squares

Sewing Instructions:

  1. Mark the diagonal on the wrong side of the 2-1/2" corner squares.
  2. Matching right sides together, place a corner square on one corner of your center square. Stitch just to the outside (towards the corner) of the diagonal mark. Rotate center square and repeat on opposite corner. Press corner squares open.
  3. Repeat step#2 with last 2 corners.
  4.'s where you have to check your block. If you are like me, turn over the block and see that you have visible fabric from the corners showing. This means your block is no longer square. You want to square up your block...FROM THE WRONG SIDE...trimming as needed, keeping as much of your center block intact as possible.
  5. Now is decision can leave your block just as it is or you can trim the corners. If I am machine quilting, I don't do anything at this point. I leave the corners with all 3 layers for greater stability. But if you are hand-quilting you aren't going to want that bulk, so turn your block over and trim just the bottom layer off...or both bottom layers, leaving just the top one. Remember, once you trim those have fabric that is connected on the bias and it will have some handle the blocks carefully.

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